I leave soon for a two-week fishing trip in the Arctic Circle. As I have spoken to some friends about this trip, several have expressed that they’d like to fish more but aren’t sure where they can fish around Austin. Here’s a quick list of some great fishing spots in and around Austin.

McKinney Falls State Park is in Southeast Austin and has an abundance of fish in Onion Creek.  A few times a year there are even fishing clinics aimed at introducing kids to the joy of fishing.  We’ve attended and Ella learned how to cast, how to tie knots, and what kinds of bait to use.  Did you know that canned corn can work well for some types of fish?
Red Bud Isle is a great location to fish right on Lady Bird Lake.  There are also nice walking trails that can entertain the whole family.

Brushy Creek Lake Park is in located in Cedar Park and offers great bass fishing.

Lake Pflugerville has some great fishing and is especially fun for younger kids because of the bluegill.  Bluegill tend to provide more opportunities for “catching”, not just fishing, and Ella loves how pretty they are. 

If you have never fished and don’t know where to start, then let me know and I can help you get started.